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Table saws are important to a wood worker like the oven is to a baker or a weed wacker is to a  landscaper. Wood processing operations cannot be flawless without having an efficient sawing machine. With the consistent change of eras, technology altered from hand held saws in Stone Age to modern innovative table saw machines.

Table saws or saw bench are motor operated machine tool for wooden materials which consists of a rotating saw blade. The table saw is capable of cross cutting and ripping cutting into the wood in seconds. The main advantage of the saw is to render support to the material being cut. The blade height exposed above the table surface is changed to vary the depth of cut by either moving the blade or the table itself (in earlier saws). The cut angle of the table saw is adjusted by varying the blade angle.

Table Saw

Bench top saws are small and light and you can lift and carry it wherever you go. It is designed so that you can place it on any support while you operate. The motor drives it without any belt or pulley. Thou

gh being small it can perform with expected precision and you will get the table saw cheap in the market place.

The comparatively larger and heavier one is the Contractor table saws. It stands on a base mostly with wheels. It is operated by an induction motor (800 to 1500 W) which rotates the blade via belts.

Cabinet table saws possess huge amount of cast iron and steel to reduce unexpected vibration and increase perfection. It is mostly identified by having a cabinet base. These also run through induction motors of higher hp than the previous two. Its accuracy is more than quality it is amazing.

Hybrid saws are introduced in the market to actually compete with the contractor and perform like a cabinet table saw. These table saws are somewhat in middle between contractor and cabinet saws.

In an industry where there are not any issues like cost, size, shape, mass generally. In a Work place like that the common choice is the biggest, heaviest, long lasting and most importantly performing saw.  However, in the case of a smaller shop of woodworkers costly or heavier than 800 lb table saws is impractical and unnecessary. Small but reliable and quality saws are made with high performing accessories and mountings. You just seek for what class you want. The rest is available as in quality, as in size and as in power. Now let’s have a look what suits your need.

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Choosing a Table Saw

Now for instance, if you want to trim the outside door of your home or office you don’t need high accuracy or a bigger table saw. Rather use a lightweight and smaller table saw. So the portable and sturdy benchtop saws are the economic and rational choice.

Now consider your job something bigger like trimming your upscale new house, a smaller one will not work well in the long run. You probably need to go for a comparative larger so quite less portable contractor saws. The specialty is you will need to set the table saw up for the  job and after that you will need to take it down.

Now for the extremely professional woodworkers who specially do furniture and built-in cabinetry need something heavier and of very high accuracy. They are expensive table saws and not portable.

People like portability features with less vibration and accuracy. So with a little heaviness but no spring problems during operation you can use a hybrid table saw.

Table Saw Safety Tips:

The present table saws certainly have their safety precaution features as they are highly mechanized, but the operator still is advised to follow the rules of safety while operating and about operating. Some of the very intensive precaution rules are described as follows.

  1. While operating the saw always goggles, glasses or shields for eyes and face.
  2. For dusty operation, use a dust mask.
  3. Don’t operate table saws using gloves.
  4. Work on naked foot, or use non-slippery shoe.
  5. To cut less than 150 cm width stock use a push stick.
  6. To avoid injuries from sawdust, work itself or woodchips never put your body in the line of blade.
  7. The height of the rotating blade above the table surface should be slightly higher (6 mm at large) than the wood stock height. So that you don’t have a limb lost.
  8. Don’t talk while operate a saw.
  9. Do not go around the blade while it is turning.
  10. Unclean or rough table will cause more chance to slip or lose your control as you need to give extra force to push the stock. Get the table clean.
  11. Only use seasonal, dry and flat wood to cut.
  12. Don’t adjust the fence while operating the table saws.
  13. Before operating search the wood stock for stones, nails or knots screw because it can slip, make projectiles and cause injuries or hazards.

If the above precaution and rules are taken into consideration and followed hard; working with wood will become easy, harmless and delightful for any wood worker.


Table Saw Store

Our goal at the table saw store is to help educate people who are interested in saws about the best deals on the web for a table saw. We can do this is by providing great information about these products so you can make an informed decision when it is time for you to buy a saw. It could also be very beneficial to you to visit a store that has the table saw you are looking at before buying it online. This way you can check out and make sure that the saw has all the features that you want in your new  saw. It is true the prices are usually cheaper on line; however, it might be a good idea to check it out before you buy it online.

Another alternative to purchasing a table saw is renting one or borrowing one that your neighbor might have in their garage. If you are going to be using a saw a lot we would recommend buying one. If you are not sure if you have room the table saws come in all different sizes.

We hope you enjoy the Table Saw Store and the information we have here for you!